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Tisserand Ginger Organic Pure Essential Oil 30ml

Tisserand Ginger Organic Pure Essential Oil 30ml

Size: 30ml

Brand: Tisserand

Availability: In Stock

Comforting and warm with a hot, spicy aroma

Availability: In stock

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Product Description


    Hailing originally from the Far East, Ginger has proved itself a popular fragrance, flavouring and medicinal compound for many years. A staple ingredient in Asian cookery, Ginger lends itself well to the treatment of digestive complaints, as well as a host of other ailments.
    Ginger essential oil is extracted from the same part of the plant as commercial ginger used in cookery. To produce essential oil, steam distillation is used to draw a yellow/brown liquid from the dried roots.
    In the practice of aromatherapy Ginger is often used to aid digestion and ease stomach cramps. It can also be used as an effective tool for combating sickness and nausea and is especially good when travelling or when inhaled during pregnancy.
    When applied to the skin in an aromatherapy massage blend, the oil warms the skin, easing poor circulation and boosting blood flow to cold hands and feet.
    100% Zingiber officinale (ginger) root oil
How to use
    Blends Well With:
    Orange, Rosemary & Frankincense
    Once opened, store in a cool dark place and use within 12 months.
Extra Info
    Why choose this product?
    Essential oils are at the heart of our brand, forming the roots from which we have grown. We understand essential oils like no other & never compromise on quality, using only 100% natural pure essential oils. From sourcing to blending, our expertise & integrity ensure you can trust in our knowledge & explore the benefits of aromatherapy with the finest oils.

    Botanical Name:
    Zingiber officinale

    Extraction Method:
    Steam distillation

    Plant Part:

    Spicy, rich and sharper as it evaporates

    Fragrance Family:

    Safety Information:
    Ginger is a powerful essential oil; do not exceed the stated drops in blends. It is best avoided in individuals with eczema or highly allergy-prone skin. Avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use this essential oil on children under 10 years old. Consult your healthcare professional before using essential oils during pregnancy. Best kept in a cool dry place. Naturally occurring allergens: Citral, Linalool
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Additional Information

Brand Tisserand
Size 30ml